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Living Control

Afinity Controller RoomBox 6 - Six Source - Six Zone Intelligent Multiroom Amplifier & System Controller.
Stylishly contoured in solid aluminium, the RoomBox 6 takes up no more space than a standard piece of HiFi equipment, yet has the power to transform radically the way you enjoy music within your home. The RoomBox 6 is a digital multi-room distribution system custom made for today’s Music Servers. Controlled by any Living Control Display, RoomBox 6 provides universal access to its unique disc-titling features.

When connected to the MusicBox 3, the RoomBox 6 allows you to choose from thousands of CDs by name. It will also allow you to select DAB radio and Digital TV channels by name. Choose from six sources in six independent areas. An area can be a room or a collection of rooms. With in-built high quality amplification for each area, the RoomBox 6 allows you to enjoy integrated hi-fidelity sound throughout your home without giving up living space or duplicating systems.

But a RoomBox 6 is much more than just a stunning music distribution system. Four wake up timers in every area enable you to start or re-start you day with your favourite music or radio station - and to select a different CD or station for different days. You can also configure the RoomBox 6 to control your lights in any room of the house. Lighting effects can either accompany the wake up music or give the impression that your home is occupied when you are out!

If you have a home theatre system, a RoomBox 6/VideoPad AV combination will provide seamless integration between the two systems. As part of the ‘Afinity’ family, RoomBox 6 marries the performance of conventional hi-fi with the power of computer control. Twenty-first Century home entertainment, designed for real people in real homes, has truly arrived.

                  Living Control

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Six Source - Six Zone Intelligent Multiroom Amplifier & System Controller

Audio Inputs:
High Quality Matrix Pre-Amp 6: Stereo Line Level RCA

Audio Outputs - Line Level:
Standard Line Level Outputs: 5: Fixed & Variable + Five x 12v Triggers Sound Launcher Outputs 1: Sound Launcher Fixed & Variable Output + 12v Trigger Run unbalanced line level signals up to 150m. Enable use of local power amplifiers or active speakers

Outputs Speaker Level:
High Power Amplification: 12: 40W RMS - 4 Ohm - Stable into 2 Ohm Load

Component Control:
6: Source Specific IR outputs - Permits operation of multiple same make model components. 3: Global IR outputs- Ideal for Sky / Home Theatre applications. 1: RS232 Serial Connection

DisplayPad / VideoPad Connection:
6: RJ45 sockets

In-Room Keypad / Control Options:
DisplayPad-S / VideoPad / VideoPad AV / IR Pad / IR Gate

Product Support & Feedback:
MusicBox 3 - Real Time Title Updating -By Name - Album, Track & Play list selection Xiva Based Sound Servers: Front Panel Title Updating, (By Name) Album Selection FM & DAB Radio -By Name - Preset selection Sky & Sky + - By Name - Channel Selection Multi-CD Players - By Name / Number - Disc Selection 2 x 16 Character display for all title selections Extensive Product Support

Home Theatre System Control:
Operate complete AV system & Lighting via optional VideoPad AV

Enhanced Convenience:
Client Specific Source Selection - No Aux or Blank Selections In Use & Walk Though Feature: Warns of system activity in other rooms whilst permitting seamless music selection when walking from room to room. Zone Configuration: Sources can be selected and maximum volumes set on a zone-by-zone basis.

Enhanced Security:
Alarms – 24: Wake Up Alarms - 4 in each zone Choose specific: Album / Radio Preset / Channel at chosen time & volume level EVENT – 24: EVENT Timers - 4 in each zone Activate Rako or Lutron Lighting systems at specific Scenes & Times. RoomBox 6 / VX will provide wireless control of Rako Lighting

Additional Features:
Room Expansion - Optional Zone Splitter Ideal for En-Suite Bathrooms / Patios etc Intelligent Last Volume - Each Zone independently monitored

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